Why you are unable to open a PDF file?

Many users think due to setting on the computer they are unable to open PDF File on their computer but sometimes it has some different causes. I am sharing these caused in details.

PURPOSE: This article outlines and defines the cause of 'why you are unable to open PDF File.'   I am working to identify the root cause of this issue & find out some causes & solutions. Here all are: 


  • PDF reader is not installed. 
  • PDF file is not recognizable. 
  • PDF File is get corrupt. 
  • PDF File is not open in web browser

PDF reader is not installed: First make sure a PDF reader installed on the system or not & also check that it is working properly or not.   

PDF file is not recognizable: Many times we are unable to open PDF File which is received by mail. It is happens when operating system can not recognize the PDF File. 

Follow the below steps to make sure: 

  • Right-click the PDF, and then choose Open With > Choose Program. 
  • Select Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat in the list of programs. 
  • Select Always Use The Selected Program To Open This Kind of File. 
  • Click OK. 

Damaged PDF File: If all above suggestions get failed to help you,  it is likely that the PDF is get corrupted. Try to Download the PDF file again & check if it resolved your problem. If it is not then you should use PDF Repair Software to repair corrupt PDF File. These software are specially designed to repair corrupt PDF File.  

Some times we are unable to open PDF files in particular web browser. In this case, you can follow this post to resolve this issue. 

Hope the article will help you to open PDF File successfully!!


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