Top 3 Excel 2010 Data Corruption Scenarios & Solutions

When your Excel File got corrupted then in this case you are unable to access your file. Excel file get corrupted due to multiple reasons, top three are as follows: 

1. Computer gets crash while working on Excel: 

In your system get crash while you are working on MS Excel then in this case Excel file get corrupt. Next time when you will try to start Excel, it will display a 'Document Recovery' task pane after rebooting the computer. You can use 'Document Recovery' option to save the recovered Excel workbook by using following steps:

  • Position the mouse pointer over the workbook listed in the Document Recovery task pane.
  • Click the drop-down menu beside the document name and click Save As on the pop-up menu.
  • Save the workbook.

2. Excel unexpectedly closed due to power failure:  

If Excel closes unexpectedly due to power failure or some other reasons, in this case excel file get corrupt. You can easily recover your corrupt Excel file by using MS Excel built-in 'AutoRecover' feature. This feature saves copies of all open Excel files at a fixed time interval. This time interval can be set by user at their own choice. By default,  AutoRecover feature is automatically set on your workbook at every ten minutes. You can set this interval by following steps:

  • File tab>>Options
  • Click on save option from the left pane. 
  • On Excel Screen, you will see ''Save Autorecover information every” option with time interval option. You can change it according to your need. 
  • After that click OK button to close the dialog box.

The default location of AutoRecover file is as follows: 

drive:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel

3. Virus infection in Excel File: 

If your file gets infected by virus in this case, the file also gets corrupt. There are some other various reasons of Excel file corruption that are software malfunction, hardware malfunction etc. If your file got corrupted due to these reasons then in this case, you can use 'Open & Repair' option to repair corrupt Excel files. If your file got badly corrupted then there is a chance that 'Open & Repair' option get fail to repair corrupt file. In this case, you can also use one another option that is Third Party Excel Repair Software. These software offer three steps to repair corrupt Excel File:

  • Select Corrupt File
  • Scan Corrupt File
  • Repair Corrupt File 

Hope the article will guide you to handle Excel file corruption in various corruption scenarios. 


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