Is your zip file get corrupted due to big file size?

If your zip file is larger than 4 Gigabytes then it might be no longer accessible, and most probably it may got corrupted when you try to unzip the file. In such situations when you create the zip file you'll not receive any error message but after creating you cannot read the file. This issue can occur because the zip file size limit is approximately 4 GB or the file is severely got corrupted.

To resolve this issue, first ensure that you limit the size of a compressed folder to 4 GB or less when you create a compressed folder.

Here are a few other points which you also get consider:

Browser: Sometimes Internet Explorer often caused this kind of problem. So you can choose another browser like chrome to resolve this issue

FTP: If possible, you can try to get download from an FTP server via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) rather than HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). From the name you can see that FTP is dedicated to transferring files.

Command-line download utilities: You can also use dedicated software for this task which is better than a browser. For Windows: BITSAdmin. There is many more other software which you can easily found on the web.

Internet connection: This issue also occurs when your internet is breaking off in every 10-15 minutes. You cannot find this issue because it does not affect web surfing but it can create a problem for downloading any file via some browsers.

Cable: This issue also occurs when your cable is not connected properly. Also check that you cable is properly connected or not.

Antivirus: This issue also gets occur if downloaded file has virus infected. It could delay the downloading process and cause problems. You should turn your antivirus on when downloading unknown files.

If your file is really get corrupted then It is hard to advise something because file corruption is very hard to handle by own way. The easy way to handle corruption & get back your corrupted file is Third Party Zip Recovery Software. These software are specially designed by professionals to repair corrupted Zip file.


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