How to fix Error 'Corrupt JPEG data: extraneous bytes before marker...'

From my experiences, Windows Picture Viewer is the best program to view the photos.  But yesterday I faced a issue with Windows Picture Viewer. It produced an error message while I was trying to open my photos in it. The photos file extension was 'JPEG'. After a quick search online, I have found that it is a commonly occurring issue with many users online, all with different-different picture viewer programs. So it is not exactly happen with Windows Picture Viewer. The full error message is: 'Corrupt JPEG data: extraneous bytes before marker...'

Most Common Causes of this error: 

  • This error message means that images have been corrupted. 
  • Issue with Windows Picture Viewer program.
  • If you are using different Picture Viewer program then there is the possibility that issue will be with your Picture Viewer program.  

Most Possible Solutions: 

  • Try to open your images in different picture viewer program. If the pictures successfully open then the problem with your picture viewer program. Try to install it again. 
  • If the issue is not fixed by above steps then your images got corrupted. You can repair your corrupted JPEG files easily by using Third party JPEG Repair tool. These software are very easy to use & can be used after any type of file corruption errors. 
  • You can take help before choosing any software from the following review done by

Useful Tip: If you want to prevent your jpeg file from corruption then clean your computer from viruses and taking regular backups. 


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