Why PDF File display a blank page

Does your Adobe Acrobat viewer not display your PDF files properly or shows a 'blank white screen' while you are trying to open your PDF file? If yes then here is the list of causes & solutions to resolve this issue: 

  • PDF files are not in a virtual directory
  • Missing Adobe Reader plug-in
  • Older version of Internet Explorer
  • Older web server version that handles PDF files incorrectly 
  • PDF File get damaged

Try following solutions to fix this issue:

  • Disable "view in browser" feature: If you will disable "View In Browser" feature in your Adobe Acrobat viewer then it will force Acrobat viewer to display PDF file outside the browser in a separate window. This approrch fixes the problem in most of the cases but dont work with IE users.  
  • Check If any problem with 'web server': You should try to open PDF file from Adobe's Web site. If PDF file is display from Adobe's Web site, but not from another site it means that another site server may not be configured correctly. 
  • Download PDF to hard drive: Download PDF file in your hard disk and then viewing it in the browser. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later version then use following steps: 
  •    1. Right-click on the PDF file, and then choose Save Target As from the pop-up menu.
  •    2. In the Save As dialog box, specify a name and location for the PDF file, and then click Save.
  •    3. Choose File > Open and click Browse. 
  •    4. Choose All Files from the Files Of Type pop-up menu.
  •    5. Select the PDF file you saved in step 2 and click Open. The Acrobat viewer should open the PDF file inside the browser window.

After downloading the PDF file to hard disk, still the viewer displays a blank screen or returns an error message then it means that the PDF file may be get damaged. In this case please check this post to successfully repair your corrupt pdf file. 

In some cases, this issue gets resolved by downloading and installing the latest version of Adobe Reader. So you can also try this step to resolve this issue. You can easily download Adobe Reader latest version from the Adobe website (adobe.com). 


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