Word File got stuck what to do next?

Are your unable to open a word document, if yes then there are various reasons behind this MS Word Documents behavior. The most common reason is MS Word document corruption. You can try several methods to open your damage documents. Here is the list: 

Method 1: Try to open Damaged Word Document in Draft Mode: 

First you should try to open a document in draft mode. After that when you open the file, you may able to repair corrupt document: Use following steps
1. View menu>>Normal.
2. Tools menu>>Options>>View tab>>Draft Font 

If this solution does not work then try method 2. 

Method 2: Try to Open the File in WordPad:

1.Windows>>Run>>type WordPad>>OK.
2.Now try to open the corrupted document in Wordpad. A dialog box will popup & specify ask for how you want to convert the file. Click to 'No Conversion' button.
3.Now The Word for Windows document is now open as a text file. You may see binary   characters at the beginning and end of the document. Delete these characters. 
4.File menu>>Save As>>type a new name with a .doc file name extension>>OK.
5.File menu>>Exit.
6.Now Restart Word for Windows and open the file that you saved from WordPad.
7.Convert File>>Select Text Only>>OK
8. File menu>>Save As, and save the file in Word format.
9.File Name>> type a new name for the file>>OK.

If this solution does not work then try method 3.  

Method 3: Use the "Recover Text from Any File" Converter:

This converter designed to extract the text from any file. The limitations of this tool is that you can lost Document formatting which is not in text format such as Graphics, fields, drawing objects, and so on. When you will successfully recover document using this converter then there will be some binary data like top & bottom of the document that could not be converted. First you need to delete this data before reformatting & saving your file as a Word document.

If this solution does not work then try method 4. 

Method 4: Use of Advanced Word Recovery Software

You can use these software in both cases when the documents are opening or not. These software easily repair corrupt word documents & files. 

PS: The best way to protect your word document from corruption is to make 2 or 3 backup copy of your word documents.


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