How to Resolve “An inconsistency...” Error From Backup File

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NTBackup utility is used by Windows NT, XP, Server 2003 and 2007 users for creating backup of valuable data. This utility creates backup in .BKF file format. These BKF backup files can store whenever user lost data. Suppose user is unable to find original data (or data get corrupt) and trying to restore data from bkf files (backup files). After trying this all user come to know that these backup files are also get corrupt. In this situation BKF repair is the best option to get data back.

Sometime operation system such as windows server 2003 has slow speed or virus on system due to this user decided to format the operating system. A smart user always take backup of all work and file on safe location or on different HDD. User will take the backup of all valuable data with the use of NTBackup on multiple-tape set in .BKF file format. After backup of every file user will format the operating system windows server 2003. Now the next situation which might come i.e. after re-installation of new version of windows server user is unable to restore the BKF file and receive an error message something like:

“Error: An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media”

Cause of above error message:
The main reason of above message is that BKF files are get corrupt. There are several reasons by which BKF file get corrupt the main cause are virus attack, human errors, interruption during backup process, power fluctuation during backup and backup is not taken properly. It is always advisable to check backup files after creating backup so user can avoid this problem while restoring it.

So what is the Solution? I know you must be curious to know about it.
The available solution is to select only one backup set at one time to restore. If BKF files are not corrupt then it may resolve the problem. In case above problem persist then it means BKF files are get corrupt. In this situation user can opt for BKF Repair Software as remedy.
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