How to Solve “This file is not in a recognizable format” Error of MS excel

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MS excel is one of the most important spreadsheet application for computer users. Storing and managing data is very easy with Ms excel. All important data saved inside these excel sheet. Imaging the situation in which you are trying to open an important excel sheet but could not do so, it gives some error. These errors means that your spreadsheet is get corrupt and you need to repair it to repair your valuable data. Excel recovery is required to repair this damaged .xls sheet.

Microsoft offer solution for corrupt excel sheet where you have to link the corrupt spreadsheet with news one. But this solution work hardly ever. So here I am going to explain a solution to easy repair of damaged excel sheet.
Follow the steps given below to:

  1. Open an undamaged workbook and a new workbook.
  2. In the Insert menu of new workbook find hyperlink and create link with undamaged workbook. Now close undamaged workbook.
  3. The link in cell A1 displays the path to the non-corrupted file. Edit the formula in cell A1 by substituting the corrupted file name for the existing one.
  4. If it works, the corrupted file will open. In this case, copy the formula down and across until the link returns blank cells.
  5. Select the data, copy it, and choose Paste Special from the Edit menu. In the resulting Paste Special dialog box, click Values and click OK to paste the data over itself. Doing so removes the link formula, but the values returned by the link remain.
It is possible that above written method may regain all data from corrupt excel sheet. In case this may not work and excel is still corrupt then you don't need to worry. Luckily we have another solution. Try to recover corrupt .xls file with the use of excel recovery software. Excel repair tools will repair damaged excel sheet irrespective to the reason of corruption. Find appropriate excel repair software on Internet which is compatible with your computer configuration.

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