Ways To Repair Damaged BKF Files Due To Improper System Shutdown

Windows data can be corrupt or damaged at any point of time, to protect your valuable data you must take regular backup of data. To insure security of data windows provide an in-build utility called NT Backup, which is present in Windows NT (XP, 2000, 2003) systems. All data is copied as BKF files in the NT backup. On the other hand BKF files sometimes get corrupt. It is due to the abrupt crash, lack of catalog files, the CRC errors. To overcome from data loss situations, you need to use a third party BKF repair tool to repair corrupt BKF files. 

To illustrate this, let's take a scenario where you are trying to add data incrementally in the BKF file, while an abrupt system is get shutdown, this will lead to BKF file corruption. Next time when you trying to open BKF files, you could not do so.
Backup file does not open due to corruption of data. BKF file corruption occurs due to sudden system shutdown, while data backup was in process. Due to corruption in the backup files, It can't be restored again results in data inaccessibility.
First of all you need to create backup of available data and run the NTBackup utility to create a new backup. Windows does not have the option to repair BKF files. So once packed new backup, you should opt for a third-party BKF repair tool for recovery of corrupted data. These tools use the algorithm so that BKF files repairs quickly and rigorously, and scans the damaged area successfully to repair BKF files.
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