Easy Steps to Repair Corrupt MS Word Documents

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Sometimes when you are trying to open MS word document but it doesn't open, an error message pop up. Continuously you received same message once you open that document. In most of cases, corruption of word document is main reason of error messages. MS word get corrupt due to various reasons like virus attack, improper system shutdown, MS office corruption etc. In each case your word document will not work properly. Word Recovery is required to repair damaged MS word file.

There are two ways to repair corrupt word documents, first use conventional methods to repair damaged doc file, second method is to use word repair software. Here is the detailed explanation on both methods.

  1. Method to Repair Word Document: Try this method when word document is corrupted or damaged due to any reason.
a) Open damaged doc file in draft mode.
b) To turn off screen updating try this macro in word 6.0 or 7.0.
Sub Main
               Screen updating 0
               Fileopen. Name = "\ corruptfile'sname.doc"
               ToolsOptionsView.Draftfont = 1
        End Sub
c) Create new file and insert corrupt file in it.
d) Now link to damaged document.
e) Open file in to MS WordPad.
f) Open file in WordPerfect.
g) Open DOS prompt and type copy con+corruptdocfilename.doc newname.doc to strip out the header information. The word CON should appear with a blinking cursor next to it. Press the spacebar 12 times and press [Enter]. Then, open the newname.doc in Word.
h) You done it.

  1. Use Word Repair Software: This is quick and easiest method to repair your valuable word document. These are several word repair software are available on Internet. Word repair software’s are quite advanced and work perfect in all type of corruption cases. It is very important to find that word repair software which is compatible with your computer configuration.
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