How to fix Zip File error message “Compressed Folder is invalid or corrupted”

When I have downloaded the compressed zip folder to my desktop & trying to open it.. It says the 'compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupt'. 

In my research to verify downloaded zip files, I have discovered that zipped files seems to be corrupted. However, re-downloading the zip file on system is also showing the same error message. What’s going on?

So now what do i do? I tried to find the exact cause of this error message. 

Most Possible Causes:

1.If you download file in Mozilla Firefox, you may experience this error message.

2.This error can be occur if you download file in Microsoft Internet Explorer & using Windows XP. To open compressed file, you use the Compressed Folders feature & may also experience this error message.

3.This error can be occur if the problem with the compressor tool that I used to create the ZIP. it does not decompress properly on Windows. 

4.The download file is truncated.

5.The download file is probably corrupted. 


  1. If you download file in Mozilla Firefox, then you should try to open it again and unzip the file or use internet explorer.
  2. If you download file in Internet Explorer & using windows XP then you got this error message if 'Confirm open after download' check box is not selected. To resolve this issue follow this path: Start>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Folder Options>>File Types>> .zip>>Advanced.             After that verify 'Confirm open after download' option is selected or not. 
  3. As we all know that Microsoft has their own ZIP tool so you should switch to that. It would be fix the problem.
  4. The download process could be truncated due to the connection being dropped during downloading. It might be happen in very few cases. In this case, You have to re-download the file again.
  5. Corruption can occur if the zip folder contains any virus infected file. If the file get corrupted then to fix corruption, you can choose third party Compressed File Repair Tool

Hope the article will help you to solve the error message 'Compressed Folder is invalid or corrupted'!!


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