How to fix Excel Error: 'excel found unreadable content in filename.xls'

when I was trying to open Excel report, it shows following error message: 

If I click on 'Yes' option, it says that Excel was able to open the file by repairing or removing the unreadable content. Excel recovered your formulas and cell values, but some data may have been lost. 

When I checked this message, I was afraid to use this option because I didn't want to lost my data at any cost. 


This error may be arise due to file corruption or there is also possibility that one or many of file components get corrupted. 


  • If any previous versions of file is available then you should start rebuilding it from there. 
  • Try to modify the properties of 'xls' file into Read-only, and try to open it again.
  • Create a new xls file & try to copy everything from corrupt file to new one then save and try to open it again.
  • Install the Visual Basic component in Office 2010. Sometimes it resolved the error. Follow these steps:                                                                                                                                    Control Panel > Programs > select Microsoft Office 2010 and click on Change > Add or Remove Programs > at the bottom of the list click on the plus next to Office Shared Features > select Visual Basic for Applications > I right clicked and chose Run from My computer > Continue. Reboot when it has finished.

Here is one another solution if needed:

The one more successful solution is Excel Repair Software. These software helps when all methods get failed to repair corrupt Excel file & its objects. 

If you are still getting same error then I will suggest you to completely removed the MS-Office & fresh install MS-Office. 


  1. i have done all of these kinds of things but problem is still there. please help me my file says same error as mentioned above.

  2. Did you tried mentioned software in the blog? If not then download it and let the software to repair your file.


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