Why the Word Document Crashes When I Click into the Table

MS word is very useful application which allows you to insert pictures, tables and drawing in the documents. While working on MS word you may faced this situation that when you click into the table word document automatically get crashed and your whole work lost. You never know what is the actual problem, why MS word got crashed? It may be possible that your word file may get corrupt due to this problem. This post deals with why this problem occurs and how you can resolve it.

Cause of the problem: MS word offers some very advanced features to make word documents attractive but wrong implementation of these feature sometimes create problem for user. Features like ‘Around’ has good feature, it makes the table behave like a floating graphic object; can be cause of the above problem. The ‘Around’ option which is available under Text Wrapping (or you can get by clicking and dragging with the Table Move Handle) has turned on for your table.

Solution of the problem: If you are facing any type of corruption problem in MS word the first advice is to run Open and Repair utility of MS word and save the changes. In the above written case open and repair will allow to access almost all table and objects of the documents.

After saving all changes generated by open and repair utility click on Table
  1. Go to Table menu > Properties
  2. Now select None in Text Wrapping.
  3. Now Click OK.

Most likely above solution will solve your problem of crashing MS word document. If word files corruption happen due to crash then use word repair method to fix it or you can use word repair software for repairing corrupt file.
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  1. Choosing None in Text Wrapping fixed my problem with the document crashing Word 2013 when I printed to my HP printer and to Adobe. Thank you!

    1. Hi Nancy,

      It is good to know you fixed your error successfully.

      Keep reading and sharing!


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