How to Recover Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation With .TMP files

Virus attack, improper system shutdown, MS office corruption or hard drives crash are the few reasons which lead to PowerPoint file corruption. Corrupt .ppt files sometimes refuse to open and pop up some error messages. Or some corrupt files open but shows garbage data. So question is that how we can repair corrupt powerpoint files? Is there any manual method available or need to use Powerpoint repair software? This article will provide answer of these two questions.

Yes! There are few methods available which easily repairs corrupt PowerPoint files. MS PowerPoint offers Open and repair option to repair damaged data or you can open a .ppt or .pptx file in MS word, it will recover your data back.
If above written two methods doesn't applicable for you then don't worry there is another method which you can try. You can use .TMP files to recover corrupt Powerpoint files.
You can try the following steps as written below:
  1. Right-Click the Windows Start button, and then click Search.Type some part or complete files name and type *.TMP.
  1. Select My Computer search location. And click on Search Button.
  1. Windows will find your TMP files, click the Date Modified button at the top of the Search Results pane. You might have to scroll to the right to see this button.
  1. Look for a TMP file created around the time that you lost your PowerPoint file. Note the folder it’s in.
  1. Now Open PowerPoint, and then click Open on the File menu.
  1. Click the arrow next to the Files of Type box at the bottom of that dialog box, and then click All Files.
  1. Navigate to the folder where the TMP file is located.
  1. Click the TMP file, and then click Open.
If you are able to successfully locate the .TMP file then you can surely recover your corrupted Powerpoint presentation. But if these methods don’t work then you have to try third party PowerPoint repair software which you can find easily on internet to repair corrupt presentation within a minute.


  1. My PPT file was corrupt due to computer crash, I checked temporary directory but file was not there. Then I searched & found .TMP in other directory. Corrupt file was successfully restored from temp file.

    Thanks for the article.

  2. Hi,

    Congratulations! Glad to hear you got it sorted out.


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