How To Prevent MS Excel Worksheet From Corruption

MS excel is a great application which makes many calculation easy for users. But like other MS office application It too can be get corrupt if proper precaution not been taken. Excel (.xls) file corruption leads to data loss situation, user may loss whole data or some part of data due to excel corruption. In some cases corrupts file refuse to open. Although there are several excel repair methods and software are available which can easily repair corrupt files in most of cases. But if file is severely damaged then only few advanced excel repair software can repair it.

It is universal truth that Precaution is better then solution. Excel file corruption can be prevent by taking few steps. If you are taking few things in mind while working on MS excel you can easily prevent excel from corruption.

MS excel provide few very good features which allow users to recover data in the file corruption case. These features are listed below.
  1. AutoSave: Always ON this feature while working on MS excel. It automatically save file at some specific interval of time.
  2. AutoRecover : This feature is same as autosave but it creates a copy of document at some specific location.
  3. Automatic Backup : It is advisable that always ON automatic backup option. It will create a backup copy of your file. Backup copy can be used when original file gets corrupt.
These steps to prevent file from corruption :
  1. Always exit properly from excel sheet when you restart or shut down you computer.
  2. Computer must keep away from electromagnetic radiation like televisions, stereos, speakers etc.
  3. Use anti-virus to scan your computer.
  4. Prevent dust from building up around your computer.
By applying these steps you can minimize excel file corruption chances by 99.99%. But if you hard disk crashed and your excel file get corrupt in that case excel repair software will be very helpful to recover data from damaged file.


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