How to repair corrupted QuickBooks database

QuickBooks is use to store information related to Customers, Vendors, Employees, company. It has very interactive interface to add, delete and manage records. It saves all information in .QBW file which is only accessible with QuickBooks. Data which is stored in QuickBooks database is very important because it contain information related to client and employees. If your QuickBooks database get corrupted due to virus attack or any other reason than all QuickBooks data will be inaccessible for user. Till the date QuickBooks don’t have in-built utility to repair damaged data. You need to use third party QuickBooks repair software to repair damaged or corrupted QuickBooks database.
When malicious virus attacks on QuickBooks database then header of database files gets corrupted. Whole QuickBooks data become inaccessible due to this issue. In this situation QuickBooks start giving number of Error message which are listed below.

'Error C = 342 "," RPC server is unavailable "or" QBCenters could not find a critical file' Run dscan complete with anti-virus program after updating.
Balance out of balance

Error 224: QB tried to read a line of division is not valid for a transaction or operation of memory. The data file can be damaged or QB may be confused. Eliminate the error of dividing the first transaction on file QBWIN.LOG.

These messages will keep coming every time when you perform any operation or sometimes you are not able to start your QuickBooks application.

If your QuickBooks is giving above written messages then don't worry you can overcome from this type of problem. You need to scan your database with some good anti-virus software. There are several anti-virus software are available which removes virus from database.
Note: You need most recent backup of QuickBooks database to retrieve whole data.
If anti-virus not able to fix your problem then use third party QuickBooks file repair software to repair damaged QuickBooks database.
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