How To Repair Damaged Or Corrupted MS Access Database

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MS access is one of the most important part of MS office suite of application. It is use as back-end platform for application. In few critical cases, your access database behave in improper manner when you open it. In some cases you can not start it. In above situation .mdb file become inaccessible and this lead to loss of your all important data. You need to perform access repair to get back your data.

In order to extract data from database, Microsoft Access, you must first mount it. Access database is automatically mounted at startup. However, if the database fails to start when you start MS Access, all objects in the Access database to be totally inaccessible. This behavior leads to serious data loss situations.

As an example of this serious problem with Microsoft Access, you receive the following error message during installation of Access databases:

"An internal processing error. Try restarting the Exchange System Manager or Microsoft Exchange Information Store service, or both. ID No: c1041724"

The database can not be mounted in such situations. It will make your access database completely unusable. To repair the access data in such situations, it is necessary to identify the root of this problem and solve this problem with access repair software.


You may face this problem because one of the following reasons:

• The Temp folder is not accessible.
• The database permissions are not configured correctly.
• Database access is damaged and can not recognize it.


Try any of the methods of recovery from access to this problem:

• Make sure that the Temp folder on the disk is there and accessible.
• Make sure you have the appropriate permissions to access the database.
• Restore database from the most recent backup.
• Repair Object Access database using third-party tools to access recovery.

Commercial access repair software are powerful enough to perform in-depth analysis of the database to extract all the database objects. They are totally safe and easy to use with read-only nature and interactive user interface.


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