Top 10 alternatives of MS Word

Microsoft Word is an established name in the field of word processing arena. Most of the PC users use it for their word processing needs. No doubt MS Word is the best word processing software in the market but when it comes to cost, it is a quite bit expensive. So if you don't want to spend money on purchasing MS Word then you will be happy to know that there are so many free alternatives of it available in the market. Some of them are available as online tool while other can be downloaded on your machine. One of the best free alternative among all is OpenOffice Writer. This is an open source and competing with MS Word. The best part is that it supports MS Word file formats. Let's find out more about these free alternative tools.....

Appache OpenOffice Writer: Appache Office writer is a word processing software and available as a part of OpenOffice. It is an open source means user can edit its code according to his/her needs and make it public. The best part of this word processing tool is that it supports various file formats like doc, docx, rtf etc. Look and feel is very simple and easy to understand. Writer supports all the basic features of MS Word like spellcheck, tables, styles, pdf and many more. The latest version of OpenOffice supports many Operating Systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. It takes only 430 MB of space as compared to MS Office which takes large amount of space. You can download Open Office from its official website.

Google Docs: Google Docs is a freeware designed by Google. It is an online tool. To create your document with it, you need to sign-in with your G-mail account. Google Docs supports various file formats like txt, doc, docx, rtf etc. You can create, upload and share your documents online on Google docs. Also you can store at least 5000 document on Google Docs of size 500kb each.

LibreOffice Writer: LibreOffice Writer is word processing software and a part of LibreOffice suit. It was actually the part of OpenOffice but parted away in 2010. LibreOffice Writer has same look and feel as OpenOffice Writer. There are lots of similarities in features of these two writers. The main difference is that LibreOffice has now included some advanced features like Wiki publisher, improved file format support, better template management etc. You can download LibreOffice from its official website.

Zoho Docs: Zoho Docs is an online tool and has great features. It is the best tool for business owners. The functionality of Zoho Docs is almost similar to Google Docs. Using it you can create, upload and share your documents online. You need to create an account on Zoho to access its functionality. Zoho Docs also saves your documents automatically time to time to avoid data loss. The supported file formats are docx, pdf, rtf,txt,html etc. The main issue with Zoho is that it is less users friendly and a bit slower due to its browser based nature.

ThinkFree Online word processor: It is a Java based online application. There is no compatibility issue as it is is browser based. The main advantage of browser based applications is that you can work from anywhere provided you are online but downfall is that you can't work when you are off-line. ThinkFree online has solved this issue by providing a desktop based application so that you can work offline also. You can easily create documents but since it is java based application, it requires java to be installed on your computer. This tool works well on smartphones and tablets too.

Kingsoft writer: It is one of the best free tool among all. It was developed in Hong kong and mostly used by Chinese people. Its functionality and look is almost same as MS Word. Kingsoft writer is highly compatible with MS Word formats. It has ability to create backup of your document after your first save. It also auto save your document time to time. This tool not only supports Linux and Windows but Android based applications also.

AbiWord: AbiWord is also free word processing software which can be run on Windows, Mac and Unix. It supports the file format of MS Word, OpenOffice and Palm OS. The top features of AbiWord are mail merge ability, images, data and time, auto text and insertion of page number. You can download it from its official website.

Jarte word processor: It is based on WordPad engine. It has both paid and free versions. Free version is compatible with both Word and WordPad. Main features are tabbed interface, Windows Vista compatibility; build in spell check and fast loading time.

Peepel: Peepel is an online tool. It supports features basic text formatting features, image insertion, and collaboration with others and also provides different types of templates like resume template, business card, letters etc.

Bean: Bean is a small word processor tool designed only for writing. It is fast and has user friendly interface.


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