How to Repair Video Corruption in iPhone

One of the reasons iPhone fans love the device is its ability to record high definition, cinematic videos. For most of you using it, your iPhone is handy to shoot any moment on the go and keep fond memories.

But what if you find your videos saved in iPhone are not playing or they have gone corrupt?
Whether shot from iPhone or received from external source via a sharing app or downloaded online, here are the best solutions you can apply to repair corrupt iPhone videos.

iPhone videos are of MP4, MOV, M4A, F4V, M4V formats and are usually saved in Camera Roll or iCloud Photo Library. There can be several reasons for the corruption in the videos saved in iPhone such as:

·         Abrupt closing of video while watching it
·         Improper download due to poor internet connection
·         Sudden power cut or system shutdown during transfer of videos from iPhone to computer
·         Camera Roll crash
·         Virus infection

Irrespective of the reason, you can repair your corrupt videos using a secure video repair tool that supports iPhone videos. There are also other workarounds you can try to fix iPhone videos. But before you begin to repair corrupt videos on iPhone make sure you have backup of all the videos on 

How to fix corrupt video files on iPhone

1.      Use Video Repair software
2.      Repair with VLC Media Player
3.      Update iOS
4.      Manage storage on your iPhone
5.      Use an iPhone video converter

Solution 1: Use Video Repair Software

A corrupt video file on iPhone can be repaired with the help of a trusted video repair tool - Stellar Phoenix Video Repair. It fixes damaged or corrupt video files on iPhone. The do-it-yourself software efficiently repairs all types of corruptions in the videos in just three simple steps - Select, Repair, and Save.

Download and install the software on your computer. Transfer your corrupt iPhone video to the PC and follow the simple on screen instructions in the application to repair the corrupt videos.

Why pick Stellar Video Repair from the plethora of repair tools available online?

  1. · User-friendly interface
  2. ·Available for both Mac and Windows
  3. ·Simultaneously repair multiple files
  4. ·Supports iPhone video formats
  5. ·Safe from any virus or malware

Solution 2: Repair iPhone videos with VLC Media Player

Minor corruptions in the iPhone videos can be fixed by the video repair feature of VLC Media Player. The player supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Transfer your corrupt iPhone video to the computer and open it in VLC Media Player and follow the below steps:

·         Go to Tools in the main interface of the player
·         Select Preference > Input & Codecs > Always Fix
·         Click on the Save
·         Now view your video, the problem might be fixed.

Solution 3: Update iOS

Often bugs in obsolete iOS version leads to corruption of videos saved in iPhone. So update to the latest version. You can either update iPhone wirelessly or via iTunes.

To update iOS wirelessly

  • Just plug your iPhone into power and connect to Wi-Fi. Tap Settings > General > Software Update. Tap Download and Install. Enter your Passcode, if asked. Agree to the Terms and Conditions the latest iOS starts to download on your device.
  • To update iOS using iTunes
  • Open latest version of iTunes on your computer. Connect iPhone to the computer and select your device. Click Summary > Check for Update> Download and Update. If asked, enter your passcode.
Solution 4: Manage space on your iPhone

When the iPhone is low on space, then too large videos are unable to open on it. This is because the large videos automatically get optimized in iPhone to make storage space in the device. While the original, full-resolution videos remains in iCloud Photo Library. So to download and view the videos on iPhone, free space on your device. You can also choose to view them in iCloud Photo Library.
Delete not required files or apps from the device to make space. Follow Settings > General > Storage > Manage Storage.

Solution 5: Use an iPhone video converter

If you encounter Can't play video on iPhone,’ use video format converter that is compatible with iPhone.

You can find the efficient iPhone video converter in App store that supports your iPhone model. There are many free video converter tools also available for iPhone.

Dos’ if the video is not playing in iPhone App

·         Reinstall the app like YouTube, Facebook, and Safari etc., in which your video is not playing on iPhone.

·         Check and ensure your iPhone has a strong internet connection /Wi-Fi. You can reset the network on iPhone by following Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

To Wrap Up

Stellar Phoenix Video repair is the popular solution to repair corrupt videos, regardless of the reason of the corruption in iPhone videos. Often updating iOS and freeing space on your device also fixes the corrupt videos issue.

Let us know how you got on with any these iPhone video repair fixes.
Also, if you know of any other way of repairing corrupt videos in iPhone, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.



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