How to fix Microsoft is trying to recover your information in Excel

Summary: The blog explains why ‘Microsoft is trying to recover your information in Excel’ dialog box appears, and how it can be resolved. The solution mentioned in the blog helps bring Excel workbooks to the normal mode from all types of corruption.

While attempting to open the Excel worksheet, a dialog box may appear which reads: “Microsoft is trying to recover your information in Excel.” which means there is a probability that the workbook you are trying to access have turned corrupt and require immediate recovery.

The dialog box appears similar to the below image and may differ with different Excel versions:

In case, any damage occurs in the file, the good thing is that Excel will automatically start the File Recovery mode.

Automated File Recovery

Automatic File Recovery mode is an exceptional feature integrated into Microsoft Excel. It allows recovering the corrupt workbook without affecting Excel file. Sometimes, Excel fails to start the File Recovery mode automatically; in that case, the user will be required to open it manually.

To open the built-in recovery utility manually, follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the File menu and then select Open
  2. Navigate through the path where folder with corrupt workbook is stored 
  3. Next, in the Open dialog box, select the corrupt workbook
  4. Then select the arrow sign which appears next to Open button
  5. Click on Repair to recover all recoverable data from the corrupt workbook
The File Recovery feature successfully repairs the damage found in the workbook. If neither manual nor automatic repair work or Excel file issue then, you can try some other manual recovery methods to prevent the lost data. Make sure to take some preventive measures to salvage data against accidental deletion or permanent loss.

Additional Workaround to Rectify Excel Errors
  • When Workbook Opens in Excel
If you encounter ‘Microsoft is trying to recover your information in Excel’, you may still be able to work as normal, but the dialog box will interrupt you in between. If the workbook is open in Excel, revert to the last saved version can help rectifying the problem.
  1. Click on the File menu and then select Open
  2. Now, double-click on the name of the workbook that is open in Excel 
  3. Click on Yes button to reopen the workbook
  4. The workbook will open without any recently made changes that caused the Excel workbook to turn corrupt
  • When Workbook is not Open in Excel
If the workbook has become inaccessible, the following workaround procedure to set the calculation option to manual may rectify the issue. Due to changing the calculation settings to manual, the workbook will not be recalculated, and it may open after that. This may help get rid of the Excel not responding issue. Follow the steps below:
  1. Click on File and then click on New 
  2. Under New option, click on Blank workbook
  3. Then click on File and tap on Options
  4. Under Calculations option in the Formulas category, click on Manual and then OK
  5. Next, click on File and then Open
  6. Locate the workbook and double-click on it to open
Tips & Measures to Prevent Data

The following are a few tips and actions that must be taken into consideration to avoid data loss. Let’s look at each:
  • Auto Save Backup Copy of Workbook
Always remember that you will never run out of data as long as you hold a backup copy of the workbook. Even if the workbook is deleted accidentally or the application itself turns corrupt, you still manage to gain access to incorporated data.
  1. Click on File and then click on Save
  2. Click on Computer and click on the Browse button
  3. In the Save As dialog box that appears, click on the arrow sign next to the Tools and then select General Options
  4. In General Options dialog box, tick the checkbox associated with Always create backup
  • Auto Create Recovery Files at Set Intervals
Recovery of the workbook helps to access the workbook after deletion, inaccessibility, and corruption.
  1. Click on File and then Options
  2. In Excel Options dialog box, click on Save from the left pane
  3. Under Save Workbooks section, check Save AutoRecover information every checkbox and enter the duration of minutes in the box provided. By default, this duration is set to 10 minutes and can be changed 
  4. Next, in AutoRecover file location box, provide the destination path where the saved workbook needs to be saved
  5. Ensure that Disable AutoRecover for this workbook only box is unchecked
The above manual procedures help rectify some errors due to which Excel stops working suddenly. Other than recovering workbooks from minimal and higher intensity corruption, the tool helps turn workbooks to the normal mode from the state of inaccessibility.

Since ‘Microsoft is trying to recover your information in Excel’ dialog box occurs only when there is something wrong with the workbook; it requires resolving the error to stop this dialog box from reappearing. The dialog box normally appears in the state of corruption, so you can try the given manual procedures.

What if No Manual Workaround Procedure Works? 

In case if nothing seems to help and you consistently get the same error, you can download Stellar Repair for Excel tool to repair data from the corrupt workbook. The tool can be utilized to repair workbook data from all corruption issues.


So, these are the basic solution to fix the "Microsoft is trying to recover your information in Excel" error. If you know more solutions to fix this issue then please share it in the comment section.


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