ZIP Recovery – Corruption Reasons and Solutions to Fix Zip File

When you want to share a large file with others then ZIPfile is the best way to do it. It is based on data compression concept with .zip and .zipx file extension. It makes easy to download files, email attachment and shared documents.

To check its data compression power, I created a ZIP copy of my working folder and compare with the real folder. The original size of the folder was 424 MB while the ZIP file size was 179 MB which is less than half of the original folder size. Now it looks great to share it to anyone.

As we seen the power of ZIP file but it is also true that zip files are prone to corruption as of other file formats. ZIP file can corrupt or damaged due to various reasons from the power failure to virus attack. You can get several similar reasons that are the culprit for corruption online. Here, I have tried my best to list all possible reasons that may corrupt a working zip file. If, you know other reasons then share with me through comment. As always, I love to hear from you guys!

Reasons of ZIP file corruption
  • Corruption in ZIP file header: This issue can occur by tool or application which is used to create ZIPfile. File header may contain: date of file creation, last updated, Size etc. The file header can only be accessed by the OS or special programs.
  • Online conversion: There are many tools available on the internet to convert the file in ZIP format but, sometimes it can also be the reason of file corruption. Most of the tools are free so the security is a very big issue with these applications.
  • Size of the archived file: Sometimes, the size of an archived file becomes very painful. When I tried to extract the archive by utility then I got the error “invalid entry size”.
  • System disk issue:  If there is a bad sector is present in the system disk then you can loss your important data. 
  • Abnormal Shutdown: It is also a reason of ZIP file corruption and most of the time occurs due to power failure or system issue.

Solutions: Check the following solutions to fix ZIP files.
  • Use a safe option: Whenever you repair corrupt file then always make a copy of the file and choose a secure way to repair your ZIP file.
  • System utility: You can use the System utility chkdsk to scan and repair the bad sector.chkdsk can easily fix the common errors of FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS drives. Read more about chkdsk here.
  • Download issue: It is possible that the downloaded file is corrupted so in this case, you can download and check the file more than one time.
  • Use a third party tool: It might be the best ways to protect and repair your corrupt data. When you do not have the backup of a corrupt file then, in this case a third party tool can be the ray of hope. I also tried a tool to repair corrupt ZIP file and it worked fantastically on my corrupt file.


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