Know More about AutoSum option in MS Excel

Today, when I was working with MS Excel then I used the AutoSum option many times to make sum of the numbers. I have noticed one thing about this option which was very interesting. This option is available in two places, first in Home tab and second in Formulas tab. Check the images below:

   AutoSum in Home Tab                                           AutoSum in Formulas Tab

Shortcut for AutoSum:

In MS Excel, every formula and function have its own shortcut. You can use ALT+ as the shortcut of AutoSum option. To test this option, write down the numbers in the excel sheet and press ALT+ to make its AutoSum. Now I am describing my experience with this function.

First I have created three columns named: Physics, Chemistry and English. Now I entered some numbers along with the columns.

Test of AutoSum Option

Vertically Up: Excel user may use‘=sum(number1,number2)’ formula or AutoSum option to sum-up the data. When I tried the AutoSum option in vertically up then it gives me the following result:

After this option, I pressed the Enter key to get my answer. The answer was correct.

Vertically Left: In this situation, I have selected the value of a single row and apply the AutoSum on it.I found the result like this:

I pressed Enter key and got my answer.

Vertically Down: Now, I was trying to test the AutoSum vertically down. In this case, the AutoSum option was not proving the range of the data cells. Check the image below:

So this is the one limitation with AutoSum option.

Vertically Right: The AutoSum option was not working in this situation. When I tried, then I got only the formula, not the range of numbers. Take a look:

So, Thing option doesn’t work in this situation.

Blank Cell in Numbers: If you have the blank cell in the numbers then, the AutoSum option will not take the values before it. This is also a limitation of this function.

So, we have seen the AutoSum function in the very different levels and the limitations of this function. I hope you like it. If you have more information about it then please share with me.


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