Header Corruption of PSD File

Adobe Photoshop is the perfect tool to create images and it is used by professionals as well as home users. Photoshop files or the layers sometimes for no apparent reason gets corrupted and refuses to open. As a result of the numerous situations like: sudden power failure, interruption while downloading and virus infection etc; can damage or corrupt the Photoshop files. In this blog, we will discuss the header corruption in .PSD file and solution to overcome from this issue.

Header of any .PSD file contains all the vital information about PSD file such as size, colors, number of layers and other important details. When the header got corrupted of the Photoshop file then the operating system or other tools cannot access that file.

Points to remember: The header can corrupt by the following reasons –

  • Memory in the bad sectors where the .PSD file is located. This memory works as storage device. system hard drive works as a storage device.
  • Improper termination of the Adobe Photoshop application during editing process of the file. It can damage the file header.
  • Malware attack is also the main reason for corruption in .PSD header.
  • Incorrect way to compress the .PSD file can also be the reason of its header corruption.
  • CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) during transferring the image on the network is also a reason for header corruption.

Header corruption of the .PSD file is very critical situation for a user and it makes user helpless.In this situation, a third party utility like Stellar Phoenix PSD Repair can be the life saver. This tool is tested by professionals and repairs the .PSD file without difficulty. It also supports .PSB and .PDD image formats and repairs these files.

Tool Interface: This tool has a very clean interface which makes it more users friendly. When user downloads this tool and open it then, below window will appear on the screen:

You will get two options to choose from the drive: 
  • Select file
  • Search File

These options are shown in the below image:

Choose the file according to requirement and click on the Scan button. This tool will repair your corrupt .PSD file within few seconds.

Final Words: Header is the very important part of the .PSD file because it contains behavioral information of the file. We have seen the main reasons for header corruption of a PSD file and a tool which can repair these files very easily. 


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