Quick Fixes for Microsoft Excel Has Stopped Working

In the spare time, I love to participate on forum websites and Office related issues are my favorite topicfor discussion. I saw that, many Excel users facing the same error “Microsoft Excel has stopped working” and they feel very helpless so, I decide to write a blog about this problem. In this blog I will give the solutions to overcome from this problem. If this happens with you then stay with me for half an hour!

User gets above error message on the screen during this problem. Try these options to resolve this problem:

Solution 1: Run MS Excel in Safe Mode

This is the first option that, every excel user should try to solve it. Simply press Windows+r to open the command prompt or open from the Run option in the Start Menu. In command prompt user has to type excel.exe /safe to open the MS Excel in the safe mode. Press the Ctrl button and open Excel file is another option to use the safe mode.

Solution 2: Check the Add-ins

Go to the File Menu then click on the Excel Options.Now in Excel Options window, Add-ins option is available in the left-hand side. In the below image, you can easily see the Active Application Add-ins list in the window. Every add-ins has its name location and Type which has been mentioned in the list. In this example the Type of this Add-in is COM Add-in.

Now go to the Manage option, which is available in the bottom and set COM Add-ins. Click on the GO button.

A COM Add-Ins dialog box will appear on the screen. In the above image, first option is checked as right. Uncheck it and click OK button.

After successful completion of this process, users can be easily open their Excel file.

Solution 3: Repair Office 2013

It is also very useful option to solve this problem. Go to Control panel and select the Microsoft Office from the list as shown in the image. Shortcut to open control panel is so simple, Go to command prompt and type appwiz.cpl and press enter.

Now click on the Change option as shown in the below image.

When a user will click on the Change option then an office window will appear on the screen. Choose Quick Repair option and click on the Repair button. Now user can see the repairing process on the screen.

When repairing process completes a confirmation message arises on the screen. Click on the Close button and open the Excel file.

Solution 4: Start the Application as Administrator

User can easily open any application like the administrator. In Windows 7, Right Click on the application and choose Run as administrator option. In Windows 8, Click on the windows button and select the application. At the bottom ends, Run as administrator option will be available. Click on this option and use it. In the below image, this option is available in the blue bar. 

Solution 5: Keep your Windows Updated

It can also be the reason for this error. If any latest updates are available on the web then update your application. Sometimes any missing update creates this problem. So always update your application if it is recommended. To update your application, follow these steps: 
  1. Click on the Start button and go to the Control Panel.
  2. Click Systemand Security.
  3. At the Windows Update option, click on Turnautomatic updating on or off.
  4. Now Choose Install updates automatically (recommended) option or Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them option.


In this blog we have seen the different solutions to solve the MS Excel error Microsoft Excel has stopped working” and I am not sure that, these are the enough solutions for this problem. I will suggest to all readers, try all these options to resolve this problem.  


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