MS Office Word 2013 Most Popular Error Message

Microsoft Word is used by millions of people, even the profession is whatever; this is the need of every single user. When this program gets faltered, it can affect your overall work. Now After the launch of MS OFFICE 2013, most of the users are facing a common error message in MS Word.  May be you are one of them just like me. Here are all steps which I follow to get Word back on track.  

After installing MS Office 2013, when I try to open WORD doc, I am facing the problem of WORD shutdown & starting given me an error message:

“MS Word is trying to recover your information”

After canceling this error message, it shows following error message:

I found these Quick fixing steps:

  • Try open these documents with Open and Repair. (File --> Open --> Browse --> Open and Repair)
  • Try to repair your Office program and reboot your computer as a quick fix.
  • Run Word in safe mode to determine if this could be caused by the 3rd-party add-ins. 
  • Run WinWord.exe /safe or Excel.exe /safe or hold down Ctrl to click the Word/Excel icon to start Word/Excel in safe mode. 

The same issue also can occur in MS Word 2010 & 2007. In this case, the only cause is 3rd-party add-ins in Word. Follow these steps to fix this error message in word 2010: 

For Word 2010:

First click on File>>Options

Click Add-Ins>>Go

Uncheck 'Send to Bluetooth>>OK

This is the only single add-ins which I disable in above steps. If you are still facing the problem then you should try disabling other add-ins.

For Word 2007:  

Office>> Word Options

Click Add-Ins>>OK

Uncheck 'Send to Bluetooth>>OK

Same for word 2007, if you are still facing the problem then you should try disabling other add-ins.

Hope the article will properly guide you to fix this issue!!


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