How to Solve JPEG error "Publisher cannot convert this picture"

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Microsoft Publisher is desktop publishing tools which allow creating newsletters, flyers and greeting cards. With the use of this tool you can insert images in the create templates. But if you are trying to insert some corrupt or damaged JPEG images, then it will not allow you to do so. The publisher tool will give a message "Publisher cannot convert this picture" in the above situation.

There are several ways to fix this error one is to repair JPEG images with JPEG recovery software then try to insert it.
If you don't want to purchase jpg repair tool then try these methods given below to solve JPEG error "Publisher cannot convert this picture"

Method 1: It may be possible the JPEG filter may get corrupt. In this situation you can use MS paint to change file format of your JPEG images in the format which allowed by MS publisher.

This method will work perfectly for all type of image formats.

Method 2: Uninstall MS publisher and re-install it, at some instant it work but in several cases it don't work because re-installing doesn't overwrite all program files.

Method 3: If .jpeg filter is corrupt then Rename JPEGIM32.flt to JPEGIM32.old. It is in a folder similar to this:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\grphflt .

Apply anyone of these methods to fix your problem. But If JPEG image files are severely damages then it is possible that none of the above method will work, in that situation you need to repair corrupt JPEG files with some advanced JPEG repair software.
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