How to Solve CRC Error of Corrupt BKF File

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To avoid above situation, we suggest you to make a habit of keep a backup of the data which you need frequently. Now, it's almost a blessing that the Windows NT (Server 2003, XP, Server 2000) users have inbuilt option i.e. NTBackup. This utility enables them to backup their valuable data on a regular basis as BKF files. That said, you should take precautions to safeguard the BKF files and otherwise these files can also get corrupt. These files can get corrupt due to various reasons, such as human error, virus infections, interruptions while backing up, power surges, corrupt system files, etc. To repair these files, you must use the methods appropriate.
However, if you are unable to resolve the situation to use a third party BKF repair tool.

Consider a scenario NTBackup utility stored BKF files on network get corrupt.

CRC error is root cause of BKF files get corrupt. The CRC error is an error-checking method in data transmission where a CRC character is produced at the transmission end. The value of this character depends on the hexadecimal value of all 1s in the data block. This check is used to validate the integrity of data blocks. The error occurs if some bytes in the file is lost or overwritten.

To resolve this problem, you should try to create the BKF file, if the data is not lost. However, if you have lost your data then use third-party software to repair BKF files. These are Read-only tools that are able to recover data from BKF files using fast scanning algorithms which are very sophisticated and without modifying the original content.
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