How to repair corrupted PPT files

Microsoft PowerPoint IconImage via WikipediaWhen anything goes wrong or some problem occurs in a software application, usually what do you do? If I am not wrong you rush to find a recovery tool. Technology has made it possible to overcome problems related to software application. Because of technology, you use number of software in daily life and if you suffer any problem with them, then it is not a big deal. Every technology problem has a solution. Same is in the case of problem with your MS-PowerPoint. Many times, it creates a problem because of corrupt ppt files. In such stages, there is a need to recover ppt files. To perform PowerPoint recovery many PowerPoint recovery tools are there. Make use of them and carry on with your important work.
Discussed below error messages blinks on the screen when you attempt to open a presentation in PowerPoint 2002, 2003, or in 2007.
Error in MS-PowerPoint 2002 and 2003 looks like:
PowerPoint can't read path\file_name.ppt.”
Error in MS-PowerPoint 2007 appears like:
PowerPoint found unreadable content in Presentation.pptx. Do you want to recover the contents of this presentation? If you trust the source of this presentation, click Yes.
Data of all the versions of MS-PowerPoint will become unapproachable whether it is PowerPoint version 2002 or version 2003 and PowerPoint version 2007.
Above error messages are caused because of corrupt PowerPoint files. Corruption occurs because of many reasons like fatal virus attacks, application bugs, and sudden system shutdown.
To tackle above problem, open the file in prior versions of PowerPoint. If the presentation of PowerPoint file get opened in prior versions, then it is OK. Otherwise make use of following steps:

In MS-PowerPoint 2002 and 2003:
  1. Start the later version of PowerPoint in which the error is coming.
  2. Go to Insert >> Slides from Files.
  3. Fromthe Slide Finder, select Find Presentation and then Browse.
  4. Select the path of the PowerPoint file that gives error, then select Open and then Insert All.

In MS-PowerPoint 2007:

  1. Go to Home >> Slides >> New Slide, and >> Reuse Slides.
  2. From the Reuse Slides pane, select Open a PowerPoint File.
  3. From the Browse dialog box, select the presentation file that contains slide you want and then select Open.
Ifyou are happy with the produced results, then it is fine. Otherwise, use a third-party PowerPoint recovery tools. These tools recover PowerPoint in the most comprehensive manner.
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  1. When an PPT file is corrupt then you can try several method to recover data from corrupt file:

    1. Use Backup: The ideal solution for recovery of data from corrupt file is backup.
    2. Open & Repair: It tries to repair corrupt or damaged PowerPoint files.
    3. Try OpenOffice: It is free to download and able to open corrupt MS PowerPoint Files


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